Tips for improving reading in the Primary Grades (K-2)

Connect with Books: Repeatedly read the same book…once is never enough at this age.  Ask questions about the pictures and the text: “What color is the kite?” or “How do you know Sammy doesn’t like chocolate?” etc.  Help your child relate to the book; “Have you ever lost your favorite toy before?” or “What would you have done if it happened to you?”  Having your child answer questions about what they are reading is always a great way to help build comprehension.

***Play word games with your child.  Have them play the rhyming game with you to see how many words they can rhyme (i.e. fat/cat/rat/bat; ran/can/man, tan; etc.) Practice blending sounds together. With a smile ask, “So, what word you think I am saying?  Then, hold each SOUND longer than normal and say “ L- O- G,” for log.  Also, say a word and challenge your child to pick out another word that begins with the same letter sound (i.e. Keesha/Key, Lollipop/Lion, etc.) Finally, challenge your child to a game of “Changing the Word.”  Have your child sound out the word as you change it from cat to rat to sat; from sat to sap to lap; and from lap to lip.