NCLB Program Information


SES) Supplemental Educational Services under the NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Act .

The No Child Left Behind Act was devised to improve the achievement level for all of America's students. For more information about (NCLB), visit

! Achieve Success is an approved provider for the (SES) tutoring program that offers FREE tutoring to qualifying students in the subjects of Math, Reading, and Science from grades K-12.   The tutoring sessions (20+ hours) are paid for by the school system through federal grants. You are not guaranteed to receive the free tutoring since funds are limited.

You are guaranteed to miss out if you miss your district's deadline to apply.  

Your child may qualify for free tutoring if your child is eligible for free or reduced priced lunch AND attends an eligible Title I school. If parental requests for free tutoring exceed the amount of funding available, the school district will serve the students with the greatest need.  Neither your state department of education nor the school district promote or endorse any particular supplemental educational services (SES) provider.

How do I know if I qualify?

If your child qualifies for SES free tutoring, your school or school district will typically send home an application for you to apply for the program.  Your child must also qualify for free or reduced lunch to be eligible for the program.  Many school districts also send a list of providers to you in order to aid you in choosing a tutoring company.  In some locations, you may be required to go to the school board's central office, Title I office, or child's school office to sign up.   

How do I know which company is right for me?

At the beginning of the school year, your district may have one or more provider fairs in which you can go and talk to representatives from each tutoring company.  Some school districts have the providers (tutoring companies) come to open house night for the school.  Parents should sign up for services with a tutoring company that has a proven track record of success.

Why choose ! Achieve Success?

! Achieve Success has earned the Florida Department of Education?s EXCELLENT tutoring provider rating from the State of Florida. This is the highest rating a tutoring company can earn.

This is a key distinction that officially recognizes our track record of high quality services. Out of Florida's tutoring providers this year, only around 20% have this highest distinction. This rating is based on:

  • Student mastery of learning goals
  • Completion of tutoring hours for each child
  • Parent Satisfaction
  • School district evaluation of each provider
  • School principal evaluations (if tutoring is done in the school)

How to apply for free tutoring if you think you might qualify:

It's Easy!

  • Fill out the Parent SES Tutoring Enrollment Application from the school or district.
  • If you would like to choose us,
    • Write in "! Achieve Success" as your first choice.
    • Our Florida Provider Number is 0479 if the form asks for it.
  • Give the application to your child's school or school district office as instructed on the application. There is usually a deadline listed on the form.

Contact your local ! Achieve Success representative if you have questions.