Reading Tips for All Ages (Pre-K through 12th Grade)

Embrace Reading as a Family Activity:  Have a place in your home designated for books.  Read using expression and repeatedly say how much you love to read. They’ll follow suit.  If your son or daughter is older and able to read by her/himself, ask questions about what they are reading so you can stay involved.  Go to the library on a weekly basis and have your child use their own library card to check out books.  Buy books as gifts for birthdays and holidays and bring books to read wherever you go:  doctor’s office, restaurant, car rides, etc. 

Encourage reading materials that they’re interested in:   Not all kids are interested in the same thing. Get books and magazines that interest your child. If she or he is interested in sports, check out books on the sports that they’re interested in. If she or he loves science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror or mystery then get books in those genres.  Do not worry if they’re reading the same types of books; instead be happy and proud of him/her for reading. If you need help picking out books ask your local librarian for help or go to to help narrow your search by topic, subject, interest and reading levels, genre, language, and reading motivation programs.

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